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Together to the finish

One to one talk

We set up a live or virtual talk to discuss all the functionalities and needs for your project. We write down the full scope and price setting of the project.


After we know all the needs for your projects we set up a brainstorm within our team. We'll send you all the feedback and come up with a complete timing schedule.


Now we know what to build, we can start the development of the project. We let loose our coding skills and set up a staging environment where you can follow our work in progress.


Once the development part is done, we can start testing. After we get all the bugs out and have a perfect product we can launch the project for the world to see.


Custom made

No templates or quick work. A complete custom website or webshop, made unique for your company or project.


Your website or webshop looks great on all devices.

Personal service

A no-nonsense approach. We ensure correct follow-up and personal contact.


Web or mobile

Using your application on the web, or only on mobile? We provide the perfect match.


Save time by digitizing and automating cumbersome tasks.

Start small

A cumbersome task that you want to digitize? Together we'll take a look at which strategy and application best suits your way of working.

White label


You create the design, we take care of all the technical aspects and coding.

Customer support

Outsource small tasks and provide optimal service for your existing customers.

Project or hourly

We work on a project based rate or via an hourly rate. This way we keep everything flexible.

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